Yokahama and Disney Sea

We arrived in Yokahama via the overnight bus about 7:30 in the morning. Still groggy and tired, we went into the bathroom in the train station to change clothes and clean up a bit. Little did we know, they had fancy toilets!!! I was not aware of these before this trip, but Japan (being the technologically advanced country that it is) has toilets that have heated seats, water jets that you can choose the heat and speed. It was a cool experience, but I was not expecting water to be sprayed up there, so it was quite a shock! It reminds me of Cars 2 and the scene with Mater in the bathroom.

After an amazing toilet experience, we asked around to find directions to Tokyo and then Tokyo Disney. It is hard to find people that speak English in Japan, but Disney is a universal term, so it was not hard to get directions. After being pushed on to the trains by the train attendends to fit as many people as possibly, and riding for close to an hour, we made it to the Disney station. Myself and my roommate Robert, and a few other SASers we met there spent the majority of the day there. Disney Sea is a completely different park compared to Walt Disney Land in HongKong, and Walt Disney World. I am a huge Disney fan, and I knew that I wanted at least one international Disney experience. I was going to settle just with Hong Kong, but I’m really glad that I went to Disney Tokyo. Compared to Hong Kong, Tokyo and Japan in general is very much Japanese language oriented and there was very little English present. Disney Sea definitely had a Japanese twist to it and Disney is LOVED internationally. Some of the interesting areas of Disney Sea were the Atlantis park, Agrabah marketplace and palaces, the adventureland with a volcano roller coaster and Indiana Jones Attraction, and Fantasmic, which is always amazing. They also had a place called American Waterfront, and it felt ironic walking down to New York Harbor and the American Board Walk. Even though I thought I would not find Japanese culture in Disney and a few people on the ship kind of scoffed the idea at spending time in Disney, Disney is truly engraved into their culture. I highly recommend a trip to Disney Sea if you have a chance to go to Tokyo.

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