After watching the fireworks at Disney, we headed back to the train station, picked up our backpacks from the lockers and resumed as backpackers. We decided to spend the night in Tokyo and then head back early the next morning to catch the ship arriving and leave for a 2 day Mt. Fuji trip. We had heard about capsule hotels, which are narrow compartments stacked on top of each other that you sleep in. They usually include saunas, hot tubs and showers. The train system shuts down at midnight and taxis are unrealistic, so we walked for a half an hour or so, and asked a lot of people until we finally found a popular district with capsule hotels. It was already late and we had to leave in a few hours, so we just used the spa and shower area to clean up because we hadn’t showered in two days. That was a unique experience in itself. After showering, we went out with a few other SASers for a few hours, but it was not really fun because you could not walk anywhere without being hustled by Nigerian immigrants and everything was just too expensive. The trains start at 5:00am, so got on the trains around 5:30 to head back to Yokahama to catch the ship. We got there just in time to catch breakfast and repack for our trip. I went to go leave for my Mt. Fuji trip, and I realized then when my name was not on the list, that there was some miscommunication between what trip I had signed up for. I was almost certain that I signed up for an overnight trip, but I was actually signed up for a Mt. Fuji day trip the next day. I realized it was my fault for not noticing before hand, so I went back on the ship to take my bags in, realized I had only slept a few hours in the last few days, and passed out.
I woke up around 3pm, walked around the city for a few hours, ate dinner, and then found wifi in the port terminal. I skyped for a while, and unsuccessfully attempted to do a lot of updates on Facebook. It was a fairly unproductive day, but for some reason, I throughly enjoyed it.

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